Are You Responsible for Sales Results?

Discover the secrets to increasing your sales
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Do you still use Selling Methods from the 80’s?

40% of Sales Professionals still use outdated selling skills that don't work.

Sales Leadership & Sales Coaching

Does your Sales Leadership and Sales Coaching drive your Revenue and EBIT goals?


Professional and Personal Development through Skillset and Mindset

Remove Blocks, Enhance and Boost Your Performance to Take You to Your Next Level

Sales Mastery and Service Excellence

Inspire Learning assists Salespeople, Professionals, Managers, Leaders, Owners and Entrepreneurs to boost your sales performance by more than 15% through Mindset, Skillset and Strategies.
We guarantee results or full refund.

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Leadership and Team Engagement

Leadership is knowing how you can be personally successful, how to maximise your strengths and how to remove the blocks inside of you? Being purposeful, passionate and engaged in your work is a learned set of skills.

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching is based on the idea that Businesses and People don't need to be fixed. They just need to be guided, motivated and understood so that they can tap into and reach their full potential of purpose, passion and profit.

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The Benefits to You and Your Business

Advanced skills
Selling Value not Price
Accurate Sales Forecasts
Collaboration with Customers
Outstanding Coaching skills
The Will to innovate
Alignment to Vision
Values driven leadership

Inspire Learning’s Distinct Approach

Assimilate, Demonstrate, Integrate

Assimilate Strengths

We identify the strengths that already exist in you or your business. We assist you to build on these strengths with world best practices and remove the blocks that are holding you back.

Demonstrate Capability

Learning is doing. The most enjoyable and effective part of any skills learning process is practicing and getting feedback, from ourselves or from our Coach/Manager.

Integrate Performance

True learning and capability improvement is achieved when seamlessly integrated to uplift the performance of the person or business to the next level.

What People Are Saying About Us?

Bill's style is a great fit for the Webforge business. Looking forward to work with him over a long period of time.
Paul Doran
I felt Bill really understood 'me' personally and tailored his solutions accordingly. I also felt that he understood our business and helped us solve our problems.
Nathalie Clerk

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